Consultation and Tailor-made Plan

Over the years, IEF successfully handled tens of thousands of immigration and study cases in New Zealand and accumulated a wealth of experience. We have established close relationships with Immigration New Zealand, educational institutions and commercial organizations, and we master the most updated New Zealand immigration and education policy.

We specialize in education and career planning for clients, including study plan, employment consulting, investment consulting, immigration advice and settlement arrangements.

Our service include:

  • Free preliminary assessment
  • Professional consultation
  • Collect and gather necessary documents for processing
  • Submit Expression of Interest
  • Submit resident visa application
  • Consultation for EOI and resident visa application process
  • Consultation on visas to Invest & Innovate
  • Family reunion visa consultation
  • Skilled Migrant category work visa consultation
  • Investor resident visa
  • Settlement service after visa is approved (including airport pickup, flight arrangements and visa renewal)
  • Partnership visa consultation
  • Monitor and track application process on behalf of clients
  • Provide training for Immigration interviews
  • S61 Application for overstay
  • PPI Appeal

Study in New Zealand

Various Visa Applications

Migrant Applications