In the past 20 years, IEF team has provided professional immigration and education consultant services to over ten thousand immigrants and overseas students in assisting their settlement and/or study plans in New Zealand. The mission of IEF is to promote New Zealand education and investment opportunities to the world, helping talented people around the world to New Zealand.

Our Professional Team

Robson Liang
Founder & director of IEF | Licensed Immigration Adviser (License number: 200800349)

Mr. Robson Liang has been involved in the field of study and immigration for more than 20 years and has successfully provided services to tens of thousands of studies and immigration. He became a Justice of Peace in 2005. As a Chinese-New Zealander, he is actively building a platform for education, business and government activities in China and New Zealand. Mr. Liang received invitations from the Government of New Zealand to provide the government with a wealth of advises and to participate in the formulation of immigration policies in order to enable newcomers to better integrate into the local community. He always stands on the front line of the industry and has a deep understanding of education and immigration. Mr. Liang leads the IEF team, providing invaluable services to countless international students and immigration applicants, and is committed to promoting New Zealand’s education, immigration and investment. He was also one of the first immigration advisers in New Zealand to be granted a license in 2008.

Nikita Hu
Partner | Chief Executive Officer

Nikita Hu had a rich work experience in varied fields: media, training&education and FMCG before she worked as a senior consultant and the head of division in a subordinate unit under Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC) in the recent years. Nikita initiated and led a few important research projects which collaborated with companies and organizations such as Bunge, Cargill, Wilmar, Intel, Tencent and Li Ka Shing Foundation, etc. She also initiated China’s Food Security & Food Safety Summit since 2013 which has become Chinese government’s most important international dialogue platform on this critical issue.

Nikita has been involved in some public interest events and activities. She plays a major role in a rurual development foundation, and she used to deliver speeches in UNESCO conference on some education and learning subjects. Nikita graduated from Auckland University with a master degree in media studies. Being a NZ citizen who had been serving in professional sectors in China for the last decades, she’s now willing to devote herself to NZ, “I need to spend the next decade and longer time to work on how to improve new migrants social value and bring IEF to achieve more goals!” As she says.

David McGregor
Legal Counsel

David McGregor, is an independent legal counsel for IEF, assisting IEF in the processing of various cases. Mr. Mcgregor has been in business since 1970 and has served as a consultant for Auckland government, a number of corporate and school counsel.  He has nearly 50 years of rich experience. In addition to New Zealand licensed lawyers, Mr. Mcgregor is also the president of worldwide leisure and Brigadier Tours Limited, the chairman of the Ellerslie Flower Association and a partner and president of Bell Gully law firm.

Ruby Ho
Immigration Adviser
(License number: 201000630)

Ruby is from Hong Kong, China.  After graduating from the Hong Kong Baptist University with a Bachelor In Business Administration (Major in China Business Studies), she joined IEF since its establishment. She is responsible for all external liaison for IEF including immigration departments, education institutions, sub-agents and partners. Ruby is also the editor for all eight volumes of IEF publication “The Encyclopedia of International Students Living in New Zealand” which covered the most useful and important information for students and is of great help to them in studying and living in New Zealand. She was granted full license as New Zealand licensed immigration adviser in June 2010 (License Number: 201000630) and was the first licensed New Zealand immigration adviser in Hong Kong. She has served thousands of successful immigration cases, hence she understands the market in Hong Kong and China and have mastered the most updated New Zealand immigration and education policy.

Ella Wang
Immigration Adviser (Probational)
License number: 201800783

From Beijing, China, Ella migrated to New Zealand in 2002 with her family when she was still in high school. She successfully obtains conjoint degree in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce major in Marketing and Psychology from the University of Auckland. She also has a master degree in translation.
Joined IEF for more than 7 years, she is a license provisional immigration adviser under Mr Liang’s direct supervising. She has extensive knowledge in New Zealand education system and immigration policy, particularly in partnership residence application and temporary visa applications.

Mandy Liang
Education Consultant

Mandy is an expert in education with over 20 years experiences in helping overseas students. Being a mother of three she understands the expectation, concerns and worries of a parent towards their children. She treats every student client as her own child. With her patient and excellent communication skills, she strives to provide international students a sense of security and the warmth in a place away from their own home. Mandy has a strong sense of responsibility, patience, gentle and have gained trust and love from many of parents and student clients.

James Wen
Senior Manager

James is from Guangzhou, China. he graduated from Zhongshan University and subsequently obtained his degree at University of Wollongong in Australia. James is an experienced manager and a core member of the IEF team. James has over 30 years of customer service experience and have been with IEF for over a decade. His dedication, experience in immigration and management is well appreciated by our clients.

Maggie Li
Education Adviser

From Haerbin, China, Maggie graduated from Auckland University of Technology with Bachelor of Business (Major in Management). Joined IEF in 2007, she is a senior education adviser with ample experiences New Zealand education system, from New Zealand Primary schools to Universities as well as education policies relating to Immigration.